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About Founder

Meet Nune Tatunts, a travel expert with nearly three decades of experience in the industry. She is passionate about the company, strives to improve every single service provided, and is always open to new knowledge. She is a big fan of business processes, and their optimization to make everything run smoothly.  

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1997- 2000 International Tourism Management at State College of Humanities of Yerevan, 2009 Tour Guide License

2011 – 2013 Work experience as an operations manager, tour manager, promoted to supervisor of tour managers

2013 – 2021 Company executive director in Armenia, operations office coordinator in Georgia and Uzbekistan

2022 – up-to-now Entrepreneur with extensive experience behind shoulders and Founding manager at Cascade Travel

About Company

Cascade Travel organizes tours in Armenia, Georgia, and Azerbaijan. We operate both small group guaranteed date tours as well as private tailor-made tours in all three countries. Beyond the classical itineraries, we run adventure tours, such as hiking, trekking, cycling, and mountain biking. In recent years food and wine tours have gained popularity among wine lovers all over the world. 

Though small, the region offers a wide range of activities and sightseeing. We continueesly learn and discover the region to offer new tourist products and activities. Every new service firstly is experienced by us and then offered to you. 

We strongly believe in responsible tourism and take travelers to the most hidden corners of the country to provide authentic service to you. This helps us provide cultural interaction and financial support to our small regional communities. We believe this is a win-win concept when travelers get close interaction and a true local experience. 

During this short period, we gained the trust and good words from a handful of travelers and are happy to share their feedback with you. 

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At Cascade Travel, we are happy to be recognized as a trusted operator in the travel industry. Our collaboration with reputable platforms underscores our commitment to providing exceptional travel experiences and keeping the highest safety, sustainability, and customer satisfaction standards. By choosing Cascade Travel, you can be confident that you are partnering with a company respected by industry leaders and trusted by travelers worldwide.

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Missions & Values

  • Providing Unforgettable Experiences Through Authentic Local Immersion

By showcasing countries’ authenticity through their vibrant communities, rich cultural heritage, and historical monuments, we not only aim to enhance the quality of life in the regions we operate but also provide travelers with an immersive and enriching experience that fosters a deep connection with the local culture and history.

  • Supporting Local Communities Through Sustainable Tourism

We ensure that the revenue generated from tourism directly benefits local communities, helping to preserve and protect their traditions and cultural heritage for future generations.


  • Transparency 

We operate tours with complete transparency and integrity, fostering trust and long-lasting relationships with our clients and partners. 

  • Excellence and Innovation

We strive for excellence in all we do, continuously innovating to provide the highest quality travel experiences.

  • Safety and Reliability

We prioritize the safety and security of our travelers, ensuring reliable and well-organized trips, choosing good drivers, high standard transportation supply, accommodation, and restaurants.  

  • Personalized Service

We offer personalized and attentive service, tailoring each travel experience to meet the unique needs and desires of our clients. Our tour managers are responsive in communication and provide 24/4 customer support during the tour. 

  • Continuous Improvement 

We value every single feedback from travelers and gather them through surveys, reviews, and direct communication during and after their trips. We analyze the feedback to identify areas for improvement, recognizing both our strengths and opportunities for growth. We implement changes based on this analysis, whether it’s enhancing our travel itineraries, improving customer service, or introducing new sustainable practices.