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So far, festivals, conferences, and large-scale events proved to be playing important roles in the development of the tourism industry. They let everyone learn about the material and non-material culture of the specific nation, while the host country gets a chance to attract more people to its cultural sites and explore its traditions and history. By considering the importance of  Armenia festivals, here we are to present some of the most important Yerevan festivals and large-scale events in Armenia dedicated to the promotion of international tourism of the country and spreading awareness about its culture, history, and traditions. 

1. Yerevan Wine Days

Armenia is renowned for its award-winning wines, which attract both locals and tourists alike. One of the most cherished and significant events for both locals and visitors is the Yerevan Wine Days Festival. Familiar with the country and people for seven years, this time Yerevan wine days brings with it not only festivals but also expo sessions and master classes.

Familiar with the country and people for seven years, this time Yerevan wine days brings with it not only festivals but also expo sessions and master classes. 

Consisting of a campaign and main festival, the Yerevan Wine Days campaign will last for one week starting from May 29 to June 4, while the main festival will be held from June 2 to 4 from 4 pm to 11 pm along the crossroads of Saryan-Pushkin-Tumanyan. However, this is just the beginning. During the one-week ‘YereWineDays’ Campaign restaurants, companies, industries, and experts present their wines. While the visitors will be granted a chance to try out or buy more than 400 types of wine from one spot. The event will collect all of those experts under one roof. Within the scope of the one-week-long festivals and events  Yerevan Wine Days seeks ways to promote event tourism in Armenia and to ensure the recognition of Armenia as an ancient cradle of the winemaking industry.

The entrance to the event is free, but if you may like to taste the wines you will need to buy a special Wine Tasting Package, which includes a two-seater tote bag, a branded wine glass, 12 coupons, and a booklet full of information with a cost of 12.000 AMD. Apart from those packages, wine glasses will cost 4000 AMD, and a 12 items coupon will cost 3000 AMD. 

Undoubtedly it is a festival that cannot be missed out. Keep in mind the date May 29 to June 4, 2023. 


2. Wine Expo

In comparison with Yerevan Wine Days which has 7 years of history, the Wine Expo will be held for the first time in 2023. For the first two years, it will take place during Yerevan Wine Days but in a separate section. The event aims to give unique chances to business visitors to get in touch with specialists from wine companies, try out the selected wines, and discuss, talk, and develop B2B collaborations. The event will be held on June 2, 3, and 4 from 4 pm to 10 pm on Moskovyan Street. The entrance is free for everyone. 

3. Beer Days 

With the goal to present Armenian old traditions of beer making, and to spread awareness about food and drink culture. Yerevan Beer Days is yet another meaningful and interesting event to attend. This annual event will take place on July 7-8 from 5 to 11 pm alongside Zakyan Street. For entertainment, the festival is divided into several zones. The zones are as follows: 

  • Novelty zone – this is a unique opportunity with a special master class zone to find out the true pairing of Armenian food and beer. The visitors may also enter the booths to try the beer and food personally. 
  • Beer zone – Surely, this is the place where Armenian companies will present their products
  • Food zone – right next to the beer zone, the food zone gives a chance to try dishes and snacks that go perfectly with the beers. 
  • Music zone – not to have a boring night out, visitors can also enjoy music by various bands, including a specially invited rock band for this year
  • And finally, the Game zone for the guests to have an entertaining night out. The game pavilions will be spread all over the street. 

Entrance is free, but of course to drink beer and taste snacks tasting packages are sold worth 10.000 AMD, including a large beer mug, case, and 20 coupons.

4. Picnic Party

What about taking a break from stressful days and enjoying a carefree day in the embrace of nature? For this purpose, the “Country Summer Picnic” taking place on August 5th comes to give a mesmerizing chance to get away from the city bustle and have a fun time with beautiful scenery. 

The event will be organized outside of the capital and will have several zones like the Yerevan Beer Days event. The zones are as follows: 

  • A gastro-zone with food stands
  • Cocktail zone areas and bars with their professional’s bartenders and cooling drinks
  • Standard recreation zones especially for family leisure. You can bring whatever you may, in case of any necessary item there are pavilions where you can buy from. 
  • VIP rest zone with teepee tents, blankets, large eco-friendly trays, flowers, bright pads, etc
  • Children’s zone with various funny activities 
  • Adult Game Zone with quizzes and various activities for adults. 

The picnic generally lasts from 10 pm to 5 pm but there will be a movie screening at 7 pm. 

Though the entrance is free, the services are paid.

5. Yerevan Music Night

So far, we talked about picnics, beer, and wine, but what about music? The heartbeat of the country could not miss the chance to give wings to our minds and flight to our imagination. Taking place on the second Saturday of September, more specifically September 9, from 4 to 11 pm in Charles-Aznavour Square, Yerevan Music Night collects lots of famous bands, artists, musicians, and companies under its roof.  There will also be food and drink booths for tasting alcoholic beverages, drinks, cocktails, and national and international cuisines. The entrance is free, but the services are paid. 

6. Areni Wine Fest

Let’s change our location and move to a very famous Armenian village Areni, where the annual Areni Wine Festival will be held on October 7. With more than 13 years of activity, Areni Wine Festival has become an important player in the field of international tourism. Unlike the other Yerevan festivals, this one aims more to develop Areni village, promote visits to the village, and popularize it as the cradle of the winemaking industry. 

The festival consists of several zones: 

  • Homemade Wine Zone– this is designed for the local and neighboring villages’ residents to present their homemade wines and dishes. 
  • Production Area and Food Zone. – here the Armenian winemakers will present their 100 types of wines and their best pairing food from different restaurants. 
  • Music Zone– guests are granted the chance to enjoy high-quality music. 

The entrance is free, but for tasting the products special packages worth 5000 AMD need to be bought. 


"METEXPO - Food, Drink, Tourism"

Finally, the B2B platform event of METEXPO closes the year. With a motto to develop and promote Armenian tourism and production it virtually connects local and international companies with each other. The latter also aims to promote domestic products export. It will be held on November, 22-23 in 2023. This is a virtual program where people can interact with each other through their avatars.

Is this the end? Surely, No!

This is just a small portion of all the  Armenia festivals being held in the country. The land of delicious cuisine, ancient history, and culture, has yet a lot to show with the help of annual festivals, events, ceremonies, conferences, and so on and so forth.  So, do not wait too long. This is a perfect time for organizing insightful and unforgettable tours to Armenia.  Armenia will amaze you with its hospitable people, delicious cuisine, and diverse lifestyle. 

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