Mission & Values

What our business is based on

Mission & Values

  • By presenting our guests the real Armenia with its amazing people, millenia old cultural and historical monuments to improve people’s lifestyle in the regions.
  • Bridge cultures with each other and provide people with positive travel experiences. 
  • To tell people the real story, to show the real Armenia with its all scenic beauty and attractions. 
  • To successfully promote the development of Armenia as a safe tourist destination. 




  • Contribute to the national growth: – By showing our country, spreading awareness and cooperating with different local stakeholders in the industry we aim to contribute to the equal development of the country.
  • Transparency and honesty  in every matter: – To be transparent and open to our partners and customers means to be honest in what we do. For us transparency and honesty help to construct trustful and successful relations within our partners. 
  • Respect for Everyone – Located on the crossroads of Asia and Europe, we highly value and respect the diverse cultures, people’s differences, and human free rights. With the help of our diverse tours all over Armenia we aim to develop a polite, friendly and respectful community for everyone. 
  • Together everywhere: Teamwork and collaborative problem-solving help us to reach better outcomes for the agency by contributing to the mutual understanding and respect within our team. 
  • Commitment to our mission: – By taking the responsibility to the real Armenia and contributing to its development, the commitment is highly needed to cope with the challenges and guarantee its long-term success. 
  • Empower the locals: Empowering the locals of regions across our country is one of the core fundamentals for which we are seeking new ways to include all the regions. 
  • Excellence in our programs: Our programs would not succeed if we did not look for the best of the best in the region.