Tour Manager Rima~Hayrapetyan

Rima Hayrapetyan

Tour Manager

With a major in Intercultural Communications, I learned about lots of different civilizations, cultures, and histories, which resulted in developing my intercultural skills. I find tourism to be the place where my passions, and professions collide and create the dream job for me. It is not only a way to get in touch with various nations and try my knowledge, but also to develop interpersonal and management skills. At the same time, I cannot ignore the big potential my country has to show to the people, so I could not miss the chance to enter tourism.  The positive feedback from our customers, their satisfied reactions, and their willingness to book other tours with us are some of the points that make my job attractive. Those insightful comments make me the happiest person for which I am truly happy. Why not, no one can oppose the idea that tourism is about freedom and creativity. This is what causes me satisfaction during each working day.  As a funny story, I would recall an incident in which the Armenian traditions shocked a Chinese tourist. At that time I was still working in the hotel as a manager and a tourist approached me with a question about Armenian traditions. More specifically he was interested in details of approaching an Armenian girl. After learning that he first needs to talk with her father, brothers, and male friends and get their permission, the Chinese stopped me in the middle of the speech and did not let me continue. His reaction was really funny and the fact that people may be threatened by our lifestyle was really interesting. This was a discovery that will stick in my mind as a funny story.