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Here’s the story about us. 

Working in travel company means making new connections, sharing knowledge, exchanging culture and energy every day. To make that experience pleasant we need to do our job excellent.  


Nune Tatunts
A short story behind

Where it all began

Hello everyone, I am Nune – the founder and chief executive officer of this young travel company. However, do not be mistaken with the short history of the company, since my experience in the tourism already enters its second decade. My love and enthusiasm of travelling and bridging cultures was the incentive to choose tourism as my career to move. Furthermore, studies equipped us with good portion of theory, and made us a part of the trips and discoveries all over the country. We have participated in lots of trips, like discovering millennia old churches, historical monuments, up to hiking to mountain lakes, and trekking the highest mountains. This unique and energetic experience realised my love towards my country. It revealed the sheer number of activities and sites my country has to offer to its visitors.

Starting my path in 2011 as an operations manager with booking hotels, museums, restaurants and services for travellers, I made my first steps in the industry. Later made progress by becoming a tour manager and designing tour programs from Zero. The next year developed me as a senior tour manager by challenging the most difficult programs, trails, etc. However, the best was yet to come. In 2013 I was invited to pursue one of my biggest dreams to work with a start-up company and make my own rules. This was a valuable experience developing me as a professional in the industry, for which I am only thankful. However everything ends at some point. By finishing my 8 years experience in that company, I challenged myself to give life to another start-up company, but in more difficult times. That is how Cascade Travel has come to life. 

About us

Despite all the difficulties still filled with hope and faith, Me and my team gave life to the Cascade Travel Agency in 2022. The agency centres all our hopes, dreams and enthusiasm to present our Motherland in the best way. By being in the market for just one year we have got to be recognized with our high values and standards by working only with the best in the industry. Thanks to our lifetime experience and trusted partners in the market, Cascade Travel is the best choice for each of you to have a safe, interesting and memorable experience in Armenia. We are thankful to each and everyone of those who trusted our company from the very first minute. Your words about us inspired us the most.  That was an unforgettable year that equipped us with many more cool ideas to present our people and land.   

Faces Behind Your Experience


Nune Tatunts

Chief Executive Officer, Founder

In the end of the day when all the travellers are satisfied at the hotels, all the emails are answered and looots of emotions and energy exchanged I feel happy. Another happy moment

Content writer Elen Pahlevnyan

Elen Pahlevanyan

Content Writer

Being raised in a family with tight relations with Tourism, one cannot avoid recognizing its importance for the countries and people. Since childhood I have always been highly interested in

Tour Manager Rima~Hayrapetyan

Rima Hayrapetyan

Tour Manager

No one can oppose the idea that tourism is about freedom and creativity. This is what causes me satisfaction during each working day.

What our business is based on

Mission & Values


  • By presenting our guests the real Armenia with its amazing people, millenia old cultural and historical monuments to improve people’s lifestyle in the regions. 
  • Bridge cultures with each other and provide people with positive travel experiences. 
  • To tell people the real story, to show the real Armenia with its all scenic beauty and read more…