Sustainable Travel

Sustainable travel refers to the low pace and relaxed travelling with minimum impact on the environment and bringing value to the small local communities. 

Purchasing food and souvenirs from locals over shopping in supermarkets:   

When designing the tours, Cascade Travel tries to include overnights, activities, meals in the regions for the travellers to know the culture and people much better.  We also make stops in the regional markets, where the locals sell homemade dried fruits, marinades, pickles and jellies. Souvenirs are usually made with local embroidery and wood carving traditions. By purchasing from locals we can contribute to their local lifestyle conservation and pass on to  the next generations’ safe and sufficient stay in their hometowns.      

Using family-run small hotels and guesthouses over using chain hotels:

While contributing to the small family-run businesses,  travellers get an opportunity  to find a warm family atmosphere and friendly people willing to chat and share culture that may not be found anywhere else. Upon availability we book cooking or handmade souvenir master classes so the travellers are able to interact with locals, get acquainted with the local culture and cooking traditions. 

Encouraging alternative energy use over electricity:

Armenia has over 300 sunny days per year and the sun energy reduces electricity use for warming water and heating. Wherever possible we encourage our partners to use sun panels, produced in Armenia. Noteworthy to mention, there are also many regional hotels that provide  electric charger service for electric vehicles by reducing air pollution because of petrol. 

Slow pace tours add local value:

We, at Cascade Travel, highly value the importance of each small village’s authenticity, where the inhabitants have been living for generations by keeping the local traditions, cuisine and history alive. Those people, the most essential carriers of the culture and traditions, are the ones who can present the local lifestyle at the best. By interacting with slow pace travellers who care and try to contribute to their communities, the locals are able to enrich their world knowledge, export their culture and benefit from the tourism. Sustainable travel brings value both to locals and travellers. 

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