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We strive to make Armenia and Georgia easy to travel. In our Blog you will find very diverse information about countries: Museums, mountains, wines, restaurants and cafes. The most used words in local languages, taxi, public transport, how and where to exchange money and many more. Read out our blog and if you still have questions, please don’t hesitate to email us on info@thecascadetravel.com


The Ultimate Armenia Travel Guide in 2023

Armenia, home to one of the oldest civilizations, invites travelers to the land of milk and honey. A glance through the Ultimate Armenia Travel Guide will give you a glimpse...
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Fun Things to Do in Armenia And Places to Visit

“Are there any fun things to do in Armenia? Isn’t it only famous for age-old monasteries and historical sites?” you might wonder.  Here we come to enlighten your mind. Prepare...
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Cascade Complex

12 Fun Things to Do in Yerevan And Places to Visit

Looking for an adrenaline rush? Yerevan Park seems to be an ideal destination for you. As the biggest amusement park in the city, it offers a wide range of thrilling...
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What is The Best Time to Visit Armenia?

Wondering what the best time to visit Armenia is? Well, that depends on your holiday preferences. And before you set your travel dates, let’s embark on a journey together to...
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Cascade Complex, Yerevan

7 Cool Facts About Armenia You Didn’t Hear Before

Welcome to Armenia, a country in the Caucasus that will amaze you with its captivating history, vibrant culture, cherished traditions, people, music, etc. And no matter how much you know...
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Republic Square, Yerevan, Armenia

Is Armenia Safe to Travel in 2023?

When planning a trip make sure to chose a right travel agency for you to enjoy your holiday free of hustle. Below check some tips and tricks not to leave...
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Dilijan National Park

Wildlife in Armenia

Talking about Armenia and its respective culture and not mentioning Armenian traditional dances is like leaving the Armenian identity aside. During the historical turmoil, the․․․ Nestled within the captivating Armenian...
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Public Holidays in Armenia

Public Holidays in Armenia

Armenia, a country rich in history and culture, celebrates various public holidays throughout the year. These non-working days provide an opportunity for Armenians to commemorate traditions, honour important events․․․
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Armenian fast food table

Top 5 must taste Armenian Fast Food

Armenian cuisine is renowned for its rich flavours, unique spices, and vibrant culinary traditions and its fast food options are no exception. Armenia offers a diverse range of fast food...
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