Booking Terms

Once you book with Cascade Travel we consider that you read Booking Conditions and have no questions regarding this document. Please, read the Booking Terms carefully, to avoid any further problems. 

1. Cascade Travel details

Your booking with Cascade Travel LLC 

Address – 31 Moskovyan street 


2. Tour enquiry & confirmation 

You may book your tour either by submitting a “booking” or “hold a place” form on our website or by emailing us at info@thecascadetravel.com. We receive your request and assign to one of our tour managers, who is responsible for your tour organisation. After confirming all the details and your special requirements by our tour manager you will be issued with a prepayment invoice of €100 per person. Your booking is considered as confirmed after receiving your prepayment, which will be followed up by sending you your tour voucher with confirmed hotels in 10 working days. Please check the payment information and let us know if you have any issues with it. 

3. Your changes in the tour

You are free to make any changes in the special requested or private tour up to date when your tour voucher is sent. The late changes (after receiving your tour voucher) will cause extra operational work and are subject to additional charge of  €50 for the tour. 

You are not able to make changes in group tour programs of any guaranteed date,  unless the whole travelling group wants to make minor changes and confirm it with your guide at the tour pace. 

4. Our changes in the tour

We reserve the right to make changes in the tour depending on local circumstances (road renovations / museum closures or any other issue) by replacing a sightseeing or service with another one with the same value. We guarantee that these changes may occur in less than 5% of operated tours without causing any inconvenience during the tour in general.

5. Refunds 

Your prepayment is subject to fully refund up to 10 days prior to tour start.  Though we guarantee the full refunding of the prepayment, we will not be covering bank transaction fees, which will be reduced from the refunded amount. 

6. Our liability 

The Cascade Travel is liable for providing full travel documents, tour programs, vouchers with all the confirmed services , and the invoices. Please make sure to double check the information and let us know if any detail is missing or incorrect. 

At the same time, Cascade Travel is liable for  the tour organisation, in accordance with your purchased and paid package for. If the services are not fully provided you reserve the right to complain and demand a refund for the unreceived  services. 

We reserve the right to replace any hotel / restaurant or sightseeing with a relevant one or a higher quality if the one does not operate at that moment.

7. Your personal information

The last point of Booking Terms refers to your personal information. Important to know, we will require your personal information: Passport details, address, phone number. This is demanded by local tax law  to confirm that the service receiver is not a resident of Armenia․ Your tour manager sends you a form to fill in detail. This information is not a subject to be passed to a third party, unless the Tax Service of the Republic of Armenia requests Cascade Travel’s financial documents and client residency information.

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