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Nune Tatunts

Chief Executive Officer, Founder

In the end of the day when all the travellers are satisfied at the hotels, all the emails are answered and looots of emotions and energy exchanged I feel happy. Another happy moment

Elen Pahlevanyan

Content Writer

Being raised in a family with tight relations with Tourism, one cannot avoid recognizing its importance for the countries and people. Since childhood I have always been highly interested in

Rima Hayrapetyan

Tour Manager

No one can oppose the idea that tourism is about freedom and creativity. This is what causes me satisfaction during each working day.

Armen Pagradouni

Operations Manager

My job is attractive in its all senses, but the first is the people and diverse cultures I encounter each time. It is a pleasure to get to know so many nations and offer the best of my country. Second is surely the satisfying numbers of tourists coming to my land. 

Antuan Ananyan

Adventure Guide

Probably the most hilarious story was a trip to Armenia with two Jewish grandmothers. After traveling with whom, I was ready to write a collection of jokes.

Shushanik Kostandyan

Cultural guide

Since childhood I had a dream to grow up and travel all the world. And after the graduation, I’ve decided to choose such a profession that will let me travel a lot. First of all I wanted to explore all

Vahagn Vardumyan

Transcaucasian Trail Expert

When I was 17 years old, I began going on hiking and trekking trips with friends, sometimes staying in caves and forests for several days or even weeks. During these trips, I would practice