Shushanik Kostandyan

Cultural guide

I am a linguist, an English language specialist. Since childhood, I had a dream to grow up and travel all over the world. And after graduation, I’ve decided to choose a profession that will let me travel a lot. First of all, I wanted to explore all the hidden corners of my country, then travel abroad. This was one of the main reasons I became a tour guide. Also, I’m a very communicative person and like to meet people of different cultures to learn more about the world. I love interacting with people and that makes my job attractive, another other thing is exploring my country which I love much. 

I would love to share a funny story from my trips. Once I had a group of 40 from the USA. They were led by a priest. Very nice group with a really good sense of humor. The day when we were driving to the city of Jermuk, the priest badly needed a toilet and he asked for a bus stop in a field where there were just several dried trees. So we stopped and then continued our driving. The next day when we were passing by the same road the priest asked me to pass him a mike and he said:” You see I’m a holy man. Yesterday when I asked for a bus stop, the tree was dry, and today it is green. I gave life to it.” Yes it was a green tree))) And all the group was laughing in tears.