Vahagn Vardumyan

Transcaucasian Trail Expert

I am a professional graphic artist with a Master’s degree in Book Graphics. I also have a background in pottery, but it is now more of a hobby for me. When I was 17 years old, I began going on hiking and trekking trips with friends, sometimes staying in caves and forests for several days or even weeks. During these trips, I would practice yoga and enjoy the unity with nature. Over time, this experience influenced my lifestyle, and I eventually transitioned into a freelance tour guide and mountain guide.

One of the most humorous moments from my travels was when I visited Artsakh with two friends for a business trip. We stopped in Stepanakert for a quick lunch and each purchased a “Zhengyalov Hats” (an Armenian traditional bread filled with various greens) from a kind old grandmother. We decided to continue eating on the way but soon found ourselves uncontrollably laughing without knowing why. We soon realized we were under the influence of something, making it difficult to focus during our business meetings. When we returned a few days later, we asked the grandmother if she could explain what had happened. With a smile and a hint of apology, she told us that she collects the greens herself, and due to her poor eyesight, she sometimes picks extra things from her neighbor’s garden. This explanation only made us laugh even more, but this time, our laughter was much more manageable.