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Armenia, home to one of the oldest civilizations, invites travelers to the land of milk and honey. A glance through the Ultimate Armenia Travel Guide will give you a glimpse into the rich blend of history ․․․
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Public Transport in Armenia
A couple of years ago the situation was very tough, especially with minibuses or so called “Marshrutkas”. They were relatively small in size, did not manage to take care of the population, people were squeezed within the buses, and so on....
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Mount Ararat
Mount Ararat is an extinct volcano in the far east of modern-day Turkey. It consists of two snow-covered volcanic cones – Sis (Little Ararat, with the altitude of 3897 metres) and Masis (Greater Ararat- the highest peak of Turkey and...
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When planning a trip make sure to chose a right travel agency for you to enjoy your holiday free of hustle. Below check some tips and tricks not to leave out important details. 
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