Armenia and Georgia Tour 13 days

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  • 13 days / 12 nights
  • Small Group: max 13 p.
  • Physical rating - Easy

Visa information

USA, The UK, Australia, UAE, and EU member countries citizens are exempt from visas to Armenia and Georgia. For the visa information for other countries citizens please check Visa section.

Why you'll love this trip
  • Travel with like-minded souls: Join the group of 13 fellow explorers ranging from the age of 55 to 60 from different corners of the globe and share your incredible Armenia and Georgia tour with adventurous souls like you.
  • Dive deeper into the region’s spirit: Warm-hearted, hospitable, family-oriented, respectful: We are confident you’ll continue this row of descriptive words after meeting the local people. With our overnight experiences, you have the opportunity to connect with folks and create lifelong memories effortlessly.
  • Culinary and Cultural Odyssey: No trip is complete until you satisfy and delight your taste buds. And where else can you savor the tastiest wines and dishes? Family-run wineries, cheese farms, and, of course, making the food at special master classes.
  • Local Expertise, Global Connection: As a local tour company, we don’t have any hidden fees, surcharges, or agent commissions. So, you are welcome to enjoy your trip to the fullest without worrying about additional expenses.
Is this trip right for you?
  • Be ready to visit sights at altitudes exceeding 2,000 meters as Armenia and Georgia are both mountainous countries. Make sure you don’t have any health limitations and keep your necessary medications with you.
  • Both Armenia and Georgia are Christian countries, and it's important to note that the main attractions revolve around medieval monasteries and religious sites.
  • Choose the right time to book your Armenia and Georgia tour. Autumn and spring are ideal seasons, while summers can be hot, especially in July end and August with temperatures rising above 35°C.

Note: This tour can be extended to Azerbaijan. If you are seeking an Armenia, Georgia, and Azerbaijan tour, leave as an inquiry, and our travel experts will contact you. 

Day by day itinerary

Day 1Arrival - Yerevan Old & New

Welcome to one of the most ancient and lively cities in the world. To fully enjoy it, we will start the tour from Victory Park which provides a bird’s eye view over Yerevan crowned by Biblical Mount Ararat. Then we will go forward to walk in Cascade Complex, a massive staircase that connects the upper and lower parts of the city and features an array of statues crafted by renowned artists. Lots of sidewalk cafes, restaurants, and beautiful artwork make this place a favorite spot for locals. Our next stop will be one of the world’s largest manuscript depositories, Matenadaran. We will continue the city walk to the State Opera House, Northern Avenue, and surrounding areas to explore the fascinating blend of architectural styles and historical ambiance  In this way, our road will take us to the center of the capital,  Republic Square – the heartbeat of Yerevan. Yes! While Republic Square holds significant information about Armenia and Yerevan, have you ever considered delving into the city’s ancient heart – the Kond Neighborhood? It’s a tranquil oasis, worlds apart from the bustling city center.  A short walk in the Kond Hill neighborhood, characterized by its narrow streets and small houses frozen in time since the pre-Soviet era, will be the perfect end of the day. 

Included Activities:

  • Yerevan Walking tour
  •  Matenadaran visit
  •  Kond visit

 Hotel in Yerevan
7 hours

Day 2Armenian Religious Center - Ejmiatsin

On day two, we will explore the outskirts of the capital. A must-see on your  Armenia and Georgia tour is the first Christian church – Holy Ejmiatsin.  Get ready for a special visit to the “Ejmiatsin Museum” with ancient Christian relics like the Holy Spear and a piece of Noah’s Ark. Lunchtime brings a surprise – a delicious national dish at the ethnographic center,  The tour will continue to one of the most important sites of Armenia, the Memorial of Sardarapat, a symbol of Armenian resilience  This museum’s design mirrors medieval Armenian fortifications. En route back to Yerevan,  catch sight of the ruins of Zvartnots Cathedral dating back to the 7th century.
Back to Yerevan to enjoy another peaceful evening or dive into cultural delights, visit to opera, ballet, or some nice Jazz club, with world-class musicians at budget-friendly prices.

Included Activities:   

  • Ejmiatsin Cathedral-Ejmiatsin Museum visit
  • Sardarapat visit
  • Zvartnots Cathedral visit

 Hotel in Yerevan
  Breakfast, Lunch
7 hours

Day 3Southwestern Armenian Treasures


Our day starts with a visit to  Khor Virap Monastery, one of the most astonishing places in Armenia, where the roots of Christianity are marked. After delving into  Armenian history and gazing upon  Mount Ararat our journey continues to Old Areni Factory, a unique wine destination. Thanks to their expert staff, we will participate in wine production and indulge in a wine feast along with fruit vodka during lunch. Armenia’s history also unveils the world’s oldest winery, a 6100-year-old secret hidden in Areni Cave.
But wait, there is more!  As a country of thousands of monasteries and churches, our day won’t be complete without a  visit to the Noravank Monastery. The promised lunch in a Gastro yard awaits us, where you can participate in fruit dessert making. Later, we’ll have a photo stop at one of the pearls of Armenia, the Spandaryan Reservoir with its magnificent location and nature. After the breathtaking views, the tour will find its finish in the small town of Goris, where dinner awaits us at the hotel. 

Included Activities:   

  • Khor Virap visit
  • Old Areni Factory visit
  • Areni Cave visit
  • Noravank Monastery visit
  • Spandaryan Reservoir- photo stop

 Hotel in Goris
  Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
8 hours

Day 4Cave Town & World's Longest Cable Car

The fourth day starts with a stroll through the historic Armenian village of  Khndzoresk, known for its natural and manmade caves, that served as shelters during wars until the mid-20th century. Don’t miss the iconic swinging bridge connecting old and new Khndzoresk.  Lunch awaits at a restaurant perched on the edge of a magnificent gorge overlooking Tatev Monastery.  Speaking of which, it’s time for the splendid Tatev MOnastery and its cable car adventure, providing you with “wings” in Armenia. To find our “wings” we’ll soar across the deep Vorotan river canyon on a cable car.. On the way to the Hermon village for the rest and overnight, we will also visit Shaqi waterfall. Weather permitting get ready for an awe-inspiring night sky full of stars and the Milky Way visible.

Included Activities:   

  • Khndzoresk walking tour
  • Tatev Monastery visit
  • Tatev Cable car ride
  • Shaqi waterfall visit

 Hotel in Hermon Village
  Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
7 hours

Day 5Silk Road & Armenian Switzerland

After a rural healthy breakfast and freshly brewed coffee, be ready for today’s adventure, transporting you back to the Middle Ages along The Great Silk Road. Our first stop is the 13th-century  Selim Caravanserai, a hub for traders from China, India, and Europe. At the top of the mountain pass enjoy a breathtaking view of the cascading mountains fading in the horizon. 
Our journey continues to a historical village boasting the world’s largest collection of khachkars( cross-stones). Here we will visit a family cheese farm to taste locally crafted cheeses aged in wine and brandy. As we drive along Lake Sevan, one of the highest freshwater lakes at an altitude of around 2000m above the sea. Lunch is served in the lakeside restaurant.
Our route leads us to the “little Switzerland” of Armenia, Dilijan, renowned for its national parks to refresh and enjoy the mountainous air. Explore the charming  Old Dilijan Complex with wooden balconies and artisans’ shops during a brief walk.

Included Activities:   

  • The Great Silk Road- stop at Selim Caravanserai
  • Cheese tasting in family farm
  • Drive along Lake Sevan
  • Little Switzerland- Dilijan visit
  • Old Dilijan complex visit

 Hotel in Dilijan
  Breakfast, Lunch
7 hours

Day 6UNESCO World Heritage Sites

After enjoying our breakfast and fresh coffee at our hotel in Dilijan, overlooking the dense forest hills all around, we embark on a visit to the 13th-century Haghartstin Monastery. Next,  we will have a drive to a typical Russian village, home to Molokans, Russian old believers, who have resided here since the beginning of the 20th century. So, on this day we will be the guests of the Molokan family, tasting their traditional cuisine and drinking tea from Samovar. Our exploration continues to the  Lori Berd Fortress, perched on the edge of the deep Dzoraget River gorge, revealing Armenia’s medieval fortifications. In the evening, we head  to Dsegh village, our overnight destination.

Included Activities:   

  • Haghartstin Monastery visit
  • Tea tasting at Molokans
  • Lori berd Fortress visit

 Hotel in Haghpat Village
  Breakfast, Lunch
6 hours

Day 7 Georgia’s Bustling Capital Tbilisi

Though Armenia is a country full of secrets and gems to explore and admire, we will move on to Bagratashen to discover yet another amazing country – Georgia. As planned our Georgian partners will greet us at the Sadakhlo border and escort us to Tbilisi, the capital and cultural heart of the country. A quick check into the hotel we’ll enjoy a traditional Georgian breakfast at a museum-restaurant complex called Tsiskvili.
Our exploration kicks off with a walking tour in Old Tbilisi. The narrow doorways, intertwined balconies, and old brick-build houses transport us back to the 20th century. The Holy Trinity Cathedral of Tbilisi, the world’s third-largest cathedral symbolizes Georgian spiritual revival and strength.
The day concludes with a mind-blowing visit to the Chronicles of Georgia, a testament to Georgian pride in history. Engraved on massive stones, these unique sculptures showcase the nation’s unity and determination to preserve their homeland.  The capital will welcome us for the overnight stay

Included Activities:   

  • Old Tbilisi walking tour
  • Holy Trinity Cathedral of Tbilisi visit
  • Chronicles of Georgia visit

 Hotel in Tbilisi
  Breakfast, Lunch
9 hours

Day 8Georgian Military Highway & Mount Kazbek

Georgian Military Highway, possibly the most spectacular road we will ever pass, connects two countries and unveils significant cultural and historical landmarks. Our second day of the tour is entirely dedicated to this remarkable highway. 
Our first stop is Zhinvali Reservoir,  an artificial lake surrounded by gigantic mountains and a 12th-century  cathedral, with half of it submerged in water. But that’s not all;  On the same Highway and adjacent to the reservoir, the Ananuri Fortress Complex is standing proudly as a symbol of Georgians’ resilience, solidarity, and patriotism. In addition to being a resilient nation. 
Moving forward, we reach the Gudauri Viewpoint, home to the Georgian-Russian Friendship monument,  a massive stone and concrete structure overlooking the Devil’s Valley and Military Highway. Pur day concludes with a visit to the 14th-century Holy Trinity  Church of Gergeti. If weather permits,  we will be treated to a breathtaking view of the giant Kazbek mountain within arm’s reach.

Included Activities:   

  • Georgian Military Highway pass
  • Zhinvali reservoir visit
  • Ananuri Fortress Complex visit
  • Gudauri Viewpoint-“Georgian-Russian Friendship” monument visit
  • Holy trinity Church of Gergeti visit

 Hotel in Tbilisi
  Breakfast, Lunch
11 hours 

Day 9A Wine Day

Our Armenia and Georgia tour wouldn’t be complete without having a dedicated wine day.  After savoring  Georgian cuisine, our journey leads us to the 11th-century  Bodbe Monastery, a marvel of architecture and natural beauty. 
What about taking some dose of love by visiting the city of love, Sighnaghi? This red-roofed city gives an amazing view over the Alazani Valleys and the Caucasus Mountains. With its interesting round-blocked architecture, the city of love is famous for its dome where you can tie the knot at any time. 
Speaking of  Georgian cuisine, the country is renowned for its wine production. So, we’ll cap off the day with a traditional wine tasting in a local winery.

Included Activities:   

  • Cheese tasting
  • Bodbe Monastery visit
  • Sighnaghi visit
  • Wine tasting in a local winery

 Hotel in Tbilisi
  Breakfast, Lunch
8 hours

Day 10The Diamond Bridge

In Georgia, not only can you marry at any time but you can also dine at a restaurant hanging 900 feet above the ground. After a two-hour ride to the west of the capital, you will discover the famous “Diamond Bridge”, an architectural wonder. , It offers breathtaking views of a  300-meter-deep  gorge covered with lush vegetation, steep slopes, and running rivers at its base.

Included Activities:   

  • “Diamond Bridge” visit

 Hotel in Tbilisi
  Breakfast, Lunch
7 hours

Day 11Prometheus the Longest Cave in Europe

In addition to its marvelous natural beauty and impressive architectural sculptures, Georgia is renowned for its old-inhabited cities,  still keeping the old traditions and architecture. Kutaisi, the second largest city is the standing example of it. This peaceful, cut-from-reality city is a real blend  of ancient and modern-day  architecture, creating the atmosphere of a large village.
After exploring the city, we will have lunch at Lilestan restaurant, where everything will be prepared prior to our arrival. Without further ado, it is time to add even more excitement to the day by visiting Prometheus Cave – Georgia’s iconic attraction. Upon entering the cave and hearing the unbelievable legends and myths associated with it, you will believe in the existence of a fairy world full of miracles. 
If the Prometheus Cave transports us to a fairy world, Sataplia Nature Reserve would make us believe in the existence of dinosaurs. Isn’t this awesome? To enjoy our time, we will return to Tbilisi’s rival and stay there for the night.

Included Activities:   

  • Kutaisi city walking tour
  • Prometheus Cave visit
  • Sataplia Nature Reserve visit

 Hotel in Kutaisi
  Breakfast, Lunch
9 hours

Day 12UNESCO World Heritage Sites

The last day of our Armenia and Georgia tour will be filled with visits to UNESCO World Heritage sites.  The first is the 11th-century Bagrati Cathedral which is visible from all the parts of the city Kutaiski and is of national significance from the day of its construction. After getting a good dose of historical data, we will have cooking masterclasses and surely a wine tasting in Argohouse Korena – a cozy place to get cut from noisy daily life. After the break, we will attribute a visit to another very important church of Georgia, the Svetitskhoveli Cathedral in Mtskheta – the main patriarchal cathedral of the Georgian Church where a number of kings, nobles, heroes, and saints are buried. Finally, the list of the cathedrals will be closed with the 6th century Jvari Monastery, located in the same place where the preacher of Christianity, Saint Nino, erected a cross as a sign of the adoption of Christianity in the region. 
Our day ends in Tbilisi, the culmination of our tour. 

Included Activities:   

  • Bagrati Cathedral visit
  • Cooking masterclass
  • Wine Tasting in Argohouse Korena
  • Mtskheta-Svetitskhoveli Cathedral visit
  • Jvari Monastery visit

 Hotel in Tbilisi
  Breakfast, Lunch
9 hours

Day 13Departure Day

It’s time to bid farewell as we transfer you to Tbilisi airport, marking the end of our two-week-long Armenia and Georgia tour.  Armenia and Georgia were happy to have you and cannot wait for another meeting. Thank you for your interest and time. Safe travels.


Price Includes

  • Transportation
  • Private airport transfers
  • Air conditioned private transportation
  • Local Experience
  • 3 Wine tastings
  • Cheese tasting in family farm
  • Cooking class
  • Tatever cable car
  • Museums
  • Entrance fees to museums
  • Museum guide fees
  • Hotels
  • Overnight stays in double / twin rooms for 12 nights
  • Meals
  • 12 breakfasts, 12 lunches, 2 dinners
  • Staff & experts
  • English speaking local guides
  • 24 / 7 customer support service

Price Excludes

  • Airfare
  • Tips
  • Room service fees
  • Any private expenses
  • Visa Fee
  • Single Supplement-€ 312 whole tour
  • 4* upgrade-€ 35 per night
  • Extra night price-€ 70
Booking & Payment
Cancellation & Refund

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You may cancel your tour without penalty up to 10 days before the tour start date with fully refundable prepayment. Although we guarantee a full refund of the prepayment, we will not cover any bank transaction fees which will be deducted from the refunded amount.

Dates & Prices 2024
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18 April- 30 April13 seats left€2,222
09 May - 21 May13 seats left€2,290
30 May - 11 June13 seats left€2,290
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07 Nov - 19 Nov10 seats left€2,155
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17 Apr - 29 Apr13 seats left€2,222
08 May - 20 May13 seats left€2,290
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12 June - 24 June11 seats left€2,134
26 June - 08 July12 seats left€2,290
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04 Sep - 16 Sep13 seats left€2,290
25 Sep - 07 Oct10 seats left€2,155
02 Oct - 14 Oct10 seats left€2,155
06 Nov - 18 Nov10 seats left€2,155
Azerbaijan tour extension

Important notes: 

Please note that the tour can be extended to Azerbaijan. The transfer to Azerbaijan is available by air only.  Air tickets vary from 95 – 200 USD. 

Azerbaijan requires an E-visa for most of the countries’ passport holders. Visa fee and support service are included in the tour price.

Azerbaijan tour

Sights visited: Baku, Absheron Peninsula, Gobustan
Duration:  3 days/2 nights
Day 1: Baku city tour

Arrival at Heidar Aliyev International Airport. Your driver will meet you and transfer to the hotel.  After check-in, you will start the Baku city tour. You will begin by exploring Icheri Sheher, the historic old town. The tour to Azerbaijan will then take you to notable landmarks such as Shirvan Shahs’ Palace, Caravanserai, and Maiden Tower.
Don’t forget to visit the main market square featuring numerous art studios and souvenir boots. New Baku is definitely worth attention to, where you will explore Nizami Street and Fountain Square. An excellent round-up to the city tour will be a visit to the iconic Heydar Aliyev Center.

Included Activities:

  • Visit Icheri Sheher
  • Shirvan Shahs’ Palace
  • Caravanserai
  • Maiden Tower
  • Nizami Street
  • Fountains Square
  • Heydar Aliyev Center

 Hotel in Baku
7 hours.

Day 2: Baku – Absheron Peninsula – Gobustan – Baku

This day is dedicated to exploring the Absherun Peninsula. Our first stop is Yanardag Mountain, a place of perpetual burning fire that never extinguished. Then continue to the Ateshgah Fire Temple, historically used as a Hindu, Sikh, and Zoroastrian place of worship, according to Indian inscriptions. Nowadays Indian Zoroastrians travel thousands of kilometers to Ateshgah to worship the fire coming out of the earth. 

After a  lunch break,  we head to Gobustan National Park. Here, you’ll visit the Petroglyphs Museum which holds artifacts dating back to 10,000 BC. 

Weather permitting, drive to mud volcanoes in Gobustan Reserve (possible car change due to the road conditions). Gobustan is renowned for hosting almost half of the world’s mud volcanoes.  Return to Baku in the evening.

Included Activities:

  • Visit to Yanardag Mountain
  • Visit to Ateshgah Fire Temple
  • Visit the Petroglyphs Museum
  • Visit to mud volcanoes

 Hotel in Baku
8-9 hours

Day 3: Baku
Check-out from hotel till noon. Free time until transfer to Baku International Airport. Departure.


Tour price per person – 590 €

Price includes: 

1. All transfers (1-2 pax by sedan, 3-4 pax by Mercedes Vito or similar);
2. Accommodation based on double/twin room sharing, breakfasts included;
3. Sightseeing tour program with local English-speaking guide;
4. Entrance tickets to sights as per itinerary;
5. Mineral water;
6. Azerbaijan E-visa.

9 Reviews
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Léa Moreau

Family Traveller

I recently visited Armenia and Georgia with my family. This tour was full of historical and cultural treasures, offering us the chance to discover fascinating landmarks, monasteries, and traditions that left us inspired. I would recommend visiting both countries because each of them has such a rich history and culture but yet is very different. Nature also differs widely. Georgia offers beautiful views of the Black Sea and mountainous landscapes, but landscapes in Armenia are out of this world, and definitely more impressive. We tasted local cuisine in both countries and loved most of the dishes we tried. The hotels were nice and offered the comfort we needed. If you are looking for active city life you can find it in both capital cities Yerevan and Tbilisi each with a great atmosphere. My son found local breweries and wine bars where he enjoyed his time. In Yerevan, we also attended opera, which was quite enjoyable, so there is something to do for each age. Speaking of cities, we also enjoyed our time in Gyumri and Sighnaghi which were less busy for sure but had unique architectural styles. One thing that I would note is how safe we felt in Armenia. People are just amazing and make you feel welcome and safe.

April 26, 2024

Kwan Jong-ap

Solo Traveller

I booked Armenia Georgia tour for October 2023. I traveled in a small group of only 4 travelers and it was super comfortable. We became good friends and intend to travel together next year. The hotels were good but I wish I had a chance to know that an upgrade is available sooner I would upgrade to 4*. Anyways even 3* hotels had great central locations. I recommend Cascade Travel as Armenia. Georgia trip organizer

November 8, 2023

Kwan Jong-ap

Couple Traveller

Real surprise 

We traveled to Armenia and Georgia with my husband in October 2023. We heard a lot about Georgian wines in The Netherlands but no single word about Armenia wines and what a surprise, Armenia has excellent wines and lovely wineries to visit. We were lucky enough to participate in the grape harvest in Areni village. Since we booked a group tour but traveling only 2 of us Nune literally did her best to customize the tour and include special activities to make our tour interesting. Both Georgia and Armenia are good points to be dotted on the winemaking map. 

October 26, 2023

Mia Clark

Group Traveller

Our amazing tour with Cascade Travel!
I recently traveled to Armenia and Georgia with my friends, and the tour was exceptional. Dilijan is must-visit destination and Lake Sevan was just amazing. Our guides were knowledgeable and helpful. We moved to Georgia safely. Both countries are welcoming and people are nice and friendly. In a word, we enjoyed the whole tour and every minute of it. Thanks a lot!

July 28, 2023

Ryan Levesque

Solo Traveller

Everything was well organized. I joined a group of 9 people from different countries and we had fun together. Every day we explored new places. Shaqi waterfall was a great addition to the tour and Georgia amazed me with its breathtaking Prometheus Cave. Thank you Shushanik for such an incredible tour through Armenia and thank you Tina for helping us to explore Georgia from different corners.

June 15, 2023