The fashion of cafe-visiting and opening new ones has become more widespread in Yerevan. Several years ago the locals and visitors would surely complain about the lack of cafes and coffee shops in the capital, but now everything has changed dramatically. In addition to the large restaurants, Yerevan is thriving with its modern, beautiful cafes and bakeries alongside the streets. The Cascade Complex, Northern Avenue, and central streets, like Mashtots, Aram, Tumanyan, Abovyan, and others are just simply crowded with tens of prestigious cafes, which actually became the incentive for the popularity of the streets. 

Within the scope of this article, Cascade Travel Agency aims to briefly introduce you to the 5 top cafes to visit while in Yerevan. To be honest, it is very difficult to differentiate among the cafes since each of them is thriving day by day, in any case, here is the list based on our own approach. 

1. The Green Bean Cascade

Cafes in Yerevan

“Visit us for the menu. Stay for the community.” – this is how the Green Bean Cascade motivates and calls for its visitors. Located right on Cascade boulevard, the cafe’s main mission is to produce and provide eco-friendly products and environment for any occasion and daily life. The cafe presents an eco-friendly concept with caring, attentive staff and a diverse menu made from their own freshly grown organic ingredients. It is an amazing place not only to enjoy Yerevan’s beauty and follow its dynamic lifestyle but also even to work and read books. So, if you want to feel at home, relaxed, and satisfied with the service and food, The Green Bean Cascade is the foremost place to head your steps. By the way, it has also another branch on Amiryan Street, which is purely based on the concept of takeaway coffee. A must-visit café during your Yerevan tours. 

Address:  38 Isahakyan Street

2. Cofeeshop Company Yerevan 

Cafeshop in Yerevan  “Coffeeshop Company” and everything is said. With its four branches circling the capital, Coffeeshop is one of the most prestigious and popular points to have a cup of tasty coffee and enjoy the break. The representative of the world-class Austrian brand, “COFFEESHOP COMPANY” offers a perfect place to try Viennese coffee culture and taste the most delicious Austrian and European dishes. With the hope of finding optimism and positivity in everything, Coffeeshop Company allows its users to take coffees, teas, and snacks with them by spreading positivity everywhere. While its location around the heart of Yerevan with its open-air, comfortable settings and relaxing design allows Yerevan to be “the New Paris” in the region. 


  • 4/5 Amiryan street
  • 2 Hin Yerevantsi street (Northern Avenue)
  • 3/1 Tamanyan street (Cascade)
  • 21/24 Tumanyan street

3. Artbridge Bookstore-Cafe

“Artbridge” bookstore-cafe and restaurant on Abovyan street, Yerevan

It is the time for us also to contribute to the local market by introducing the “Artbridge” bookstore-cafe and restaurant on Abovyan Street. Leading with the motto of “Yerevan’s home away from home” it is not simply about food and drink but rather art, literature, and relaxation. In addition to having a large set of delicious menu items, the bookstore cafe’s design is eye-catching and mind-blowing, especially for art lovers. The hall is decorated with images and books, and magazine shelves, are significantly, open for purchasing. So to say, the Artbridge becomes the bridge between art and a cup of tasty coffee. 

Address: 20 Abovyan St, Yerevan, Armenia

4. “In Vino” Wine Club- Shop- Bar

“In Vino'' Wine Club-Shop-Bar in Yerevan, Armenia

While promoting local business we cannot ignore “In Vino” Wine Club-Shop-Bar – the first professionalized wine bar, and shop in Armenia. The company itself produces, exports, imports, and teaches the wines. In the cafe, they offer 700 kinds of wines from Armenia and around the world with assortments of French, German, Italian, and Armenian cheeses, meats, olives, and special desserts. Even if you don’t understand anything about wines, no worries dear, the professional and positive staff is there to help you. Can you name anything better than cool and relaxed Yerevan evenings with a glass of wine? Surely, you can’t. 

Address: 6 Martiros Saryan St

5. Crumbs Bread Factory 

Cafes in YerevanSo far, we have mentioned about drinks without too much concentration on bakeries and pastries. So let us introduce you to the “Crumbs Bread Factory” – a cafe and bakery specializing in artisan bread and pastry baking only with the finest and natural ingredients. With its three branches, the bakery is distinguished by its bright, minimalistic designs and wooden furniture. Besides its well-thought design, the menu pulls the cafe a step ahead. Surely, you can find any pastry you may like, such as brownies, cakes, tarts, and croissants, their taste will satisfy and feed each visitor. Also, do not forget to try out their “soup of the day” -s which are being served with a slice of a special bread. 

Address: 37 Mesrop Mashtots Ave

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