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By being specialized in the field of Communications, Elen believes in the power of words: even a single word can change our perceptions, impact our behavior and, consequently, shape our world. While her family's decades-lasting connections with tourism made her passionate about introducing Armenia and its hidden marvels to everyone. With her blogs she believes to be able to present the best of Armenia and Georgia and to be as helpful as possible for all the travel-lovers. The writing not only helps her communicate with the tourists, but also to learn, read, discover and develop as a professional. Each time, each topic opens hidden doors and triggers new ideas and fresh topics to write and talk about.

Wondering what the best time to visit Armenia is? Well, that depends on your holiday preferences. And before you set your travel dates, let’s embark on a journey together to understand the optimal time ․․․
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Asian restaurant in Yerevan, Armenia
The fashion of cafe-visiting and opening new ones has become more widespread in Yerevan. Several years ago the locals and visitors would surely complain about the lack of cafes in the capital, but now everything has changed dramatically.
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Tsitsernakaberd-Armenian Genocide Museum
The history of Armenia has been full of dramatic and tragic events which have absolutely changed and impacted the sequence of the history and people’s life. However, the beginning of the 20th century has approved that the worst is yet...
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People are dancing Armenian traditional dance qochari
Talking about Armenia and its respective culture and not mentioning Armenian traditional dances is like leaving the Armenian identity aside. During the historical turmoil, the․․․
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A girl with her laptop on the mountains
Despite its small sizes and potentially overlooking neighbours, Armenia packs a punch by becoming an up-and-coming destination for Digital Nomads. Due to its affordable cost of living, low․․․
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Wine Festival in Yerevan
So far, festivals, conferences and large-scale events proved to be playing important roles in the development of tourism industry. They let everyone...
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