Top Armenian Traditional Restaurants in Yerevan

The location at the crossroads between Europe and Asia influenced the lifestyle, and culture of Armenia in diverse ways. Undoubtedly, Armenian cuisine is the foremost impacted part of the culture where one may find traits from Turkish, Georgian, Persian, and other cultures. The traditional Yerevan restaurants are the first places to try them out.

Armenian Cuisine

Impacted by the Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, and Eastern European traders and conquerors, Armenian traditional food presents a set of dishes made of fresh ingredients grown in the highlands, commonly including vegetables, like peppers, eggplants, and, surely, many kinds of meat, like a lamb, beef, pig, etc. Furthermore, the cuisine differs thanks to the dominant role of used greens, such as coriander, parsley, and Armenian rehan or basil. This altogether makes the unforgettable and delicious taste of the dishes crowned with the queen of Armenian cuisine – lavash, a special type of bread made only in Armenia. 

Honestly, Armenian cuisine is so diverse, vibrant, and full of tastes that this single article is not enough to present it. Instead of it, as proud carriers of Armenian culture and lovers of Armenian cuisine, below we have listed some of the most important Armenian traditional restaurants in Yerevan, where you can taste the dishes on your own during your trip to Armenia.  

Where to dine:

1. Tavern Yerevan

Armenian traditional restaurant - Tavern Yerevan

The “Tavern Yerevan”, with its 4 branches around the city,  is one of the most colorful and hospitable corners of the capital. Enhanced by the motto “We Love Yerevan” each branch summarises the history of the company over the years. With the goal of making Yerevan a famous tourist destination, the large team of cooks in the tavern preserves the Armenian traditions and culinary customs, restores long-forgotten recipes, and gives them new breaths. Thereafter, “Tavern Yerevan” is the foremost option to look forward to feeling like in Armenia. 


  • 91 Teryan st, Yerevan, Armenia 
  • 5 Amiryan st,  Yerevan, Armenia
  • 7 Paronyan st,  Yerevan, Armenia
  • 29 Movses Khorenatsi st,  Yerevan, Armenia


2. Lavash Restaurant 

Armenian traditional restaurant - Lavash

Besides, being the sister of “Tavern Yerevan” and belonging to the same company, “Lavash Restaurant” approached the culture from a new perspective. If the “Tavern Yerevan” believed in the love of Yerevan, then “Lavash Restaurant” opened its doors within the framework of the “Farm to Table” concept in 2017. Lavash restaurant directly cooperates with the farmers to purchase the necessary goods and guarantee a fresh, highly qualified, and cost-friendly menu for each and every visitor. Located next to the Opera and Ballet Theatre, in the central district of Yerevan, one of the top traditional restaurants gives a chance to have evening walks around the pink city covered with neon lights. 

Address: 21 Tumanyan St., Yerevan, Armenia


3. Dolmama Restaurant

Armenian traditional restaurant - Dolmama

What about tasting Armenian dishes spiced with new flavors and served in extraordinary ways? That is how Dolmama restaurant approached the business. Established in 1998,  when Armenia was newly recovering from the war, Dolmama faced lots of challenges. While starting the business absolutely with nothing – not even chairs or tables – Dolmama has become one of the most prestigious and prominent places in Yerevan. As its name suggests, its main dish is the Armenian traditional “dolma” with new styles and servings.

Address: 10 Pushkin St, Yerevan, Armenia


4. Tsirani Garden Restaurant

Armenian traditional restaurant - Tsirani Garden“Tsirani Garden Restaurant,”, named after an iconic Armenian fruit “apricot” (tsiran), cannot be left from your list while travelling to Armenia. It consists of a large apricot garden surrounding 61 wooden open-air garden houses, 10 close pavilions, and a modern bouquet hall for big events. Besides the famous Armenian typical dishes, like kebab, and barbeque, Tsirani Garden presents their own-made dishes, like lamb on the spit, baklava, gata, and lavash made in toner. The traditional restaurant of “Tsirani Garden” is an amazing place to admire nature, be cut from the city noise, and enjoy the fresh air with the tastiest foods. 

Address: Babajanyan block 3th 1, M15, Arinj

5. Kamancha Restaurant 

Armenian traditional restaurant - Qamancha

The name of the traditional restaurant already remarks about its national origins. Proudly, named after an Armenian thousands-year-old musical instrument “kamancha”, an important instrument of cultural heritage, the restaurant presents a spacious complex with a wooden style in dark brown colors. The restaurant also has an open kitchen which allows the visitors to see the food-making processes, trust the staff and participate in it. 

Address: 23 Tumanyan St, Yerevan, Armenia

6. Katsin Restaurant 

Armenian traditional restaurant - Katsin

Probably noticed, no restaurant name was meaningless without any purpose, so is with “Katsin” (Hammer) restaurant. Being a landlocked country with lots of forests, the hammer has been a crucial element of forest cutting by becoming a source of living. The traditional restaurant is more modern with colorful, stylish designs. “Katsin” comprises various cultures under its roof by giving dominance to Armenian traditional cuisine.  

Address: 4/6 Amiryan St, Yerevan, Armenia

Armenia boasts a delectable array of street food offerings, influenced by the culinary contributions of Syrian and Lebanese Armenians who sought refuge from the harrowing events of the Genocide. Check the article about Armenian Fast Food. Another way to explore Armenian cuisine is to book Armenia Food and Wine Tour

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