Top 5 Highest Mountains to Hike in Armenia

Armenia, a mountainous and landlocked country in the Transcaucasian region, offers unforgettable hiking and trekking destinations over its mountain range. Each one of those giants carries deep historical and mythical references full of historical monuments and pilgrimage sites. Below the highest mountains are listed offering cool hiking trails.

1. Mount Aragats

Mount Aragats is an extinct volcano, with its four peaks and 4095 m altitude is the highest peak in Armenia. The mountain comprises four peaks – Northern, Southern, Western, and Eastern, out of which the Northern peak is the highest and most difficult for climbing at 4095m altitude, while the Southern is the lowest at 3900m. Recently, the sleeping volcano has caused enthusiasm among hikers.

Based on the hikers’ professionalism Aragats offers different trails with varying difficulty levels. In any case, the Southern peak is more popular, since it is much easier to climb and less dangerous compared to the Northern peak. The trail starting from Lake Kari (Stone Lake) from 3200m above sea level, has a 5km length which takes around 3 hours to complete. Considering the fact that the peaks are intertwined, in case of any willingness the trail can be continued up to the highest peak (Northern). It is highly recommended to hike from May to September when the weather is relatively warmer, less rainy, and lower chance of any lightning. Mount Aragats will not leave anyone unawarded. At the end of the trail, Mount Aragats rewards its visitors with an amazing view over the Armenian highlands crowned with the Biblical Mount Ararat if the weather is clear. 

2. Mount Azhdahak 

The “Armenian Mars” is what Mount Azhdahak- the highest peak of the Geghama Mountains – is called sometimes. Like all the other mountains of Armenia, Azhdahak is an extinct volcano with a crater lake on its surface. The latter is filled with cold water all year round. By carrying thousands of years old ancient petroglyphs on its slopes, the mountain has become a new hiking destination. In general, the 12 km long trail will start from the 3000th meter above sea level. It is highly recommended to hike between June and September. On the way up to the peak the hikers have the opportunity of witnessing and analyzing the ancient petroglyphs, engravings, and stone paintings, while on the peak of the mount, Azhdahak’s stunning and relaxing view over the Armenian highlands waits for its guests. 

3. Mount Armaghan 

While talking about Mount Azhdahak, it is impossible not to mention Mount Armaghan. Though relatively smaller than the previous ones, Armaghan does not yield with its difficulty and beauty. Named after a mythical queen from the Armenian epic poem “Sasna Tsrer” (“Daredevils of Sasun ”) Armaghan is an extinct volcano with 2829 m of altitude and a small lake with 100 m diameter in the place of a crater.  Like all the other hiking trails, the best time for hiking Armaghan is from May-September. The locals name the mount to be God’s gift. On its slopes, different animal and bird species can be found. Of course, without any doubt from the top of the mountain, a magnificent view is delivered with the blue pearl of Armenia – lake Sevan and its surrounding mountains. Book your Hiking Tour to Armenia, to hike Armaghan Mount. 

4. Khustup Mountain 

By having 3201m altitude above sea level Mount Khustup is the highest peak of the Khustup-Katar Mountains Range. Starting from ancient times the mountain is a very important pilgrimage destination. Simultaneously it also plays a strategic role due to its location being an important point in the 1920s. Here a legendary commander of the nation is buried by doubling the importance of Khustup. Regarding hiking, the best season is between mid-April to September. The 15 km long hike starts at an altitude of 1060m. Actually, it is highly recommended to dedicate more than two days to reaching the peak. In any case, the trail is highly offered since the mountain itself was a very important player during one of the most difficult times in Armenian history.  

5. Mount Ara

Named after an Armenian mythical king, Mount Ara is an extinct volcano not very far from Yerevan at 2605 m altitude. According to the legend, the king himself was killed on the slopes of the mountain and was buried now on its peak. The hiking is 12 km long, while the best season for hiking is from April to November. In this region, the weather is mainly warm and pleasant. The booming flora makes the mountain an ideal destination for photographing and examining nature. However, this is not the end. At the heart of the peak near the crater, the Monastery of Tsaghkevank is situated. Here locals usually celebrate a Pagan feast called “tsaghkazard” which transformed into a Christian holiday. In translation, the word means flower dress up. The monastery has a healing power thanks to the quality and quantity of zinc in it.  

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