Asian Cuisine and Sushi Bars in Yerevan

Yerevan collects a variety of cultures and their consequent cuisine under its roof by offering unrepeatable menus, dishes, atmosphere and entertainments. The cultures include but are not limited to Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Indian, American, French, Spanish, Arabic, Russian and so on and so forth. Obviously Chinese cuisine gets even more popular from day to day. The rising number of cafes and restaurants offer diverse Chinese tasty dishes made only by professionals while guaranteeing the taste and safety of the rolls. So here we have separated the most popular Asian restaurants where you can enjoy high-quality services, friendly atmosphere and tasty dishes during your  trip in Armenia and as an Armenian saying goes: “Kill two birds with one stone”.

What to choose:

1. Old Beijing: Chinese Food

Asian Cuisine Cascade travel

The list could not help to open one of the most well-known Chinese establishments of Yerevan, Old Beijing: Chinese Food Restaurant located on Tumanyan Street. As they pride their food to be “a food for the soul” offer two hundred variants of Chinese dishes in compliance with exotic drinks, cocktails, and beverages. While the decorations and music with Chinese motives will make every visitor feel in China personally. The staff is highly professional and impeccable. 

Address: 9 St. Tumanyan, Yerevan, Armenia

2. Ako Sushi

Asian cuisine cascade travelLocated on the street famous for wine bars, Ako Sushi is another remarkably popular bar to visit for tasting Chinese food. In addition to the range of sushis it may offer, for the customers’ convenience, it also offers temaki-style of dishes to avoid the struggle with Chinese sticks. Its menu also includes noodles, soups, sashimi, nigiri, hot rolls, and other dishes which can be also delivered to any designated area at any time. While the interior design with nude colors and Japanese styles relax visitors from the daily vibrant noise and colorful streets of Yerevan. 

Addresses: 6 st. Martiros Saryan, Yerevan, Armenia 

3. Dragon Garden

Asian cuisine cascade travel

Named after the legendary creature of Chinese culture and probably the most famous figure in China, Dragon Garden is one of the most vibrant, energetic, and colorful bars you may ever visit in Yerevan. Decorated with Asian plants, Buddha images, specific decorations, and of course dragon images, Dragon Garden offers a huge selection of Chinese, Japanese, and Thai cultural dishes under its roof. So this is a real paradise for those who admire warm and cozy evenings with Asian culture. Even in the wintertime, the two-story establishments do not bore and leave aside the passersby. 

Address: 76 St. Arami, Yerevan Armenia

4. Sushitoria

Asian cuisine cascade travel

By having two different locations on the most popular and prestigious streets of Yerevan, Sushitorya bars pride themselves to be the territory of real Japanese Cuisine. In this case, you are not only limited to a large variety of sushi dishes but also seafood dishes, salads, soups, teriyaki, and tempura will broaden the options for the evening meal. Even vegetarians will not remain hungry thanks to the offered rolls and dishes from vegetarian goods. The restaurant is exclusive thanks to its special tea ceremonies.

Address: 38 Tumanyan St., 1 Sayat – Nova, Yerevan, Armenia

5. Samurai Sushi Bar

Asian cuisine cascade travel

What about feeling like samurais or heroes from Japanese myths? So here is where the next location will take its tourists. Decorated with samurai logos and interesting images in natural, red, and black colors, the Samurai Sushi Bar was the first to introduce Japanese culture to the capital. Thirteen years ago it made its first steps into the Armenian lifestyle and remained one of the most popular since its beginning. The place is perfect for every kind of gathering and meeting.

Address: 2 St. Baghramyan, Yerevan

6. Wasabi

The list would not be complete without Wasabi Sushi Bar which not only offers diverse varieties of sushi and more but also combines the taste with costs. While ordering front heir website you may get discounts on certain offers, such as a 10% discount on an order extending 15.000 AMD, or a 10% discount on the order of sushi “Shake”, IN addition to this,  Wasabi does not limit itself only within the scope of Asian cuisine, it also offers pizzas, barbeques, salads and steak in the menu. By considering the high-quality, cost-friendly menu and the professional staff, Wasabi is one of the best sushi bars in Yerevan. 

Address: 1/3 St. Abovyan, Yerevan, Armenia

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