How to get Yerevan from Zvartnots Airport

How to get Yerevan from Zvartnots airport

Undoubtedly, it can be stressful to arrive at any particular destination without planning the visit or tour ahead. So, here we are to kindly provide support with detailed information on how to deal with some specific situations while being in Armenia, in order to make you tour more secure and unforgettable. Thoroughly analyzed, this guide includes some options on how to get from the Zvartnots airport – the international airport of Armenia-  to the centre of Yerevan – the capital- and, vice versa, from Yerevan to the airport. Worthy to mention, there are also some helpful tools at the end of the article. 

Where is the airport located and how far is it from the capital?

Zvartnots International Airport or, known as Yerevan Airport is a distance of 12 kilometres from Yerevan with an average 25 min ride. The mid-size, comfortable airport replaces an iconic historical Zvartnots International Airport that was standing there, previously.  Due to its design, architecture, and control towers, the latter is a real masterpiece of Soviet Armenian architecture.  Comparably small in size, the navigation through the airport is easy without any contradictions.

How to get from the airport to the capital and vice versa? 

Before going deeper, please note that there are no trains available from Zvartnots to Yerevan. The only options remain: public transport, Yerevan Airport taxi or personal driver. 


1. Airport Express #201 Minibus

Airport Express #201 Minibus-a transport to Yerevan from ZvartnotsDefinitely, the first and cheapest option is the public transport. In this case, the Airport Express #201 Minibus comes to play its role with a cost of 300 AMD (around 8 Euro/ USD). The affordable and comfortable minibuses were provided by “ELITEBUS” transport company.

All you need to do, is to depart  at the Zvartnots airport, exit the arrival area on the ground floor and look for the sign of “Shuttle Bus”. By following the sign, you will be guided to the taxi station and parking lot, where the transport is usually met. The Express bus moves each half hour from 7 am to 10 pm. So said, if your departure is during the night after ten pm, then this option will not work for you, unfortunately. 

Airport Express #201 MinibusThe Zvartnots airport bus has seven stops. First is the Zvartnots Airport, itself.  Second comes Kilikia Bus Stop, which is located at the end of the city. Then Mashtots avenue with Amiryan Street and Shahumyan school, which comprise the central parts of the city. While the bus stop at Opera and Ballet Theatre will let you admire the central part of the city without the fear of getting lost by making trip to Armenia enjoyable. The last stop is at Metro Yeritasardakan on Abovyan street, which location gives to be near to the all parts of the city. The length of the trip line is 13.77 km. While the vice versa – from city to the airport- excludes 2 stops.  Thus, the bus is highly recommended to use. 

2. Taxi at Yerevan airport

Yandex taxi service at Zvartnots-How to get to Yerevan from ZvartnotsAnother option to get from Zavrtnots to Yerevan and vice versa is definitely, taxi services. Fairly stating taking a Yerevan Airport taxi will not be as efficient and cheap as the public transport, but, fortunately it is not too expensive. Additionally, in comparison with the public transport it takes shorter, faster and takes everyone to wherever the client may like. In the airport, there is an “Aerotaxi” stand for taxis. The service from the airport to Yerevan costs, approximately, 5000 AMD which is  around 12 Euros or 13 USD. In addition to its reliability and safety, it allows anyone to have a fixed price. 

However, we highly recommend you to download taxi apps, like GG, Yandex taxi, Indriver, and order from one of those apps. Depending on the demand and traffic the costs may differ from 1500- 3000 AMD, which is half of the Aerotaxi’s prices of the airport. So said, take into consideration those numbers and developed web media and technologies to avoid being extra-charged. Travel to Armenia will not be stressful anymore.

3. Free taxi in the airport

How to get to Yerevan from Zvartnots

To avoid waiting for the cars, negotiating with  Yerevan Airport taxis or being extra charged, there is another amazing opportunity to buy a “Yerevan Card” from the airport and get a free ride to Yerevan centre. With possibility to order online, you can approach to the post office after the arrival and take the card from the post office. All you need to do is to turn left from the hall and reach the HayPost or Post Office of Armenia. The card also gives you discounts and free entrances for some museums. With this you can also explore the top museums of Yerevan

FYI - Additional information about the facilities at Zvartnots airport

Significantly, the airport has free WIFI, without any need of an Armenian number or extra expenses. You can use it during your leisure, or just download the needed apps for taxi or other services in Yerevan. 

Last but not least, you can also find offices working 24/7 to buy Yerevan SIM cards at the airport. Offices include Vivacell MTS, Beeline and Ucom. Those are the main cables running around Yerevan. Three of them offer 3G internet packages with specific prices. 

Hopefully, the guide has been helpful for you not to get panicked or lost in the airport though it is not very big and impossible to get lost within its departments thanks to its security system.

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