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Top 5 Activities in Armenia

What about getting a good portion of adrenaline by rushing through the Armenian Highlands? We highlighted the top 5 activities in Armenia.

Despite the fact that Armenia is the first Christian country in the world full of ancient monasteries and monuments, it is not a passive destination at all. Thanks to its high location with an average of 1800m above sea level, Armenia offers a range of activities that will show the country from a wild angle. The country offers lots of vibrant activities, such as diving, skiing, horse riding, biking, rafting, paddle boarding, and so on. However, here we have listed the most famous, top 5 activities in Armenia.  This article will help to find the right activities, fully admire, and relax in Armenia. 

Hiking-top activities in Armenia

1. Hiking in Armenia 

While composing the list of “Top 5 Activities in Armenia”, we could not leave hiking aside, since Armenia is the perfect country for hiking. Due to its vibrantly changing terrain, stunning mountains, dense forests, and deep gorges, Armenia offers epic hiking trails throughout its terrain, where architectural and cultural gems can be found. 

The best time for hiking in Armenia is May – October. Beginning in late May the most beautiful part comes to life in the Armenian highlands, by bringing life to the valleys, and flora and decreasing the frequency of rains and wild winds. At this time, the hikers will have an amazing opportunity to view the highlands with their real colors from the highest mountains of the country. At the same time, it is highly recommended to take warm clothes in any situation since sometimes those hiking reach up to the highest mountains of the country. Hiking in Armenia is highly recommended to try out and explore the land from a lot of different angles. 

2. Paragliding in Armenia

What about feeling like a bird for a while? That is what paragliding in Armenia will make us feel alike. Emerged in 1996, with more than 20 years of experience and history in the country, paragliding promises to give an adrenaline rush to those who want to discover the small and awesome country from a totally different perspective. By having 300 sunny days in a year, the sport can be practiced throughout the year, of course, under the control of professionals and guides. At the same time, due to its different heights, the practice can be offered from various magnitudes of heights, though experts offer to have it from 1300m up to 2800m above sea level. The flights can last a couple of hours. However, in case of longer flights, the trial will be changed by offering a 50km length with a 1-hour flight. 

As mentioned beforehand, Armenia offers a variety of options for better hiking. In any case, Mt. Hatis and Mt. Gutan are the best places to have the flight since they are near the capital, Yerevan and their flights are longer and more enjoyable. While the other centers offer amazing views over the much larger and deeper gorges, canyons, and mountain ranges. 

3. Horse riding

In addition to the above listings, Armenia is a perfect place to have horse riding here. Starting from ancient times Armenians have always been familiar with how to get along with horses, how to treat, how to ride, etc. By being mainly a sunny country Armenia offers amazing horse riding packages that will explore this small country and make us feel like an inseparable part of nature. The top horse-riding centres are located all around Armenia starting from the capital Yerevan up to small cities and villages in different regions. The tours in the regions are organized within hills, valleys, lakes, and rivers which make the tour more adventurous and interesting to try.

4. Rafting

As mentioned before Armenia is famous for rafting in the rivers, too. Having emerged just 3  years ago, rafting got a frequent rise and popularity. The most famous rivers for rafting are Dzoraget, Kasagh, Tartar, and Debed. Despite the fact that the Debed is one of the craziest rivers in Armenia, it is the best destination for rafting. Of course, before going for rafting all the risks and difficulties should be taken into consideration. The trips to Armenia will not only fill you with a bunch of cultural and historical data but also with a good portion of adrenaline. While the activities we’ve outlined promise an adrenaline-filled experience, it’s crucial to address safety concerns for your trip to Armenia, especially when participating in extreme sports like paragliding or rafting

5. Paddle boarding

By being a landlocked country, Armenia does not miss the chance to amaze people with its diverse water activities. Actually, there are plenty of water sports in Armenia, such as diving, river rafting, waterskiing, and so on. However, paddle boarding has led to a subsequent rise of interest among the population. This is an interesting mixture of canoeing and surfing, which combines all the fun of both sports. Surely, the best place to try paddle boarding in Armenia is the lake Sevan, the largest freshwater body in Armenia. Other options are also the Azat and Spandaryan Reservoirs in the other parts of the country. Thanks to the professional teams paddle boarding techniques will be briefly introduced to the participants, like how to stand on the board, to keep the balance, to hold the paddle, and where to go. Later after the practice, the fun will get started. 

However, significantly, the list of different activities in Armenia is not yet limited to this list.  The country due to its diverse terrain offers more and more each time, so do not hesitate to travel to Armenia and explore the little pearl. By visiting Armenia and choosing our offered Adventure Tours to Armenia you will expose the country’s most interesting and important activities. 

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