What is The Best Time to Visit Armenia?

Wondering what the best time to visit Armenia is? Well, that depends on your holiday preferences. And before you set your travel dates, let’s embark on a journey together to understand the optimal time to visit Armenia. We’ll uncover the climate, landscape, and holiday opportunities guiding you to find the most magical moments.   I’ll share many insights based on my experience in the travel industry and living in this country my whole life. In the scope of nature, landscapes, and activities, literally, everyone will find what they are seeking for a holiday except the sea. One of the most engaging aspects of Armenia is that you can experience all the seasons. From snowy winters to blooming springs, hot summers, and, colorful,  mild autumns with fantastic weather, the country offers a wide array of experiences to cater to diverse preferences․

Climate Overview

Armenia is a mountainous country with an average height of 1850 m above sea level. Over 47% of the territory of Armenia’s territory consists of mountain ridges towering above  2000 m. Armenia is located in the South Caucasus bordering Georgia, Turkey, Iran, and Azerbaijan. The country experiences a highland continental climate in the north and subtropical in the south. Assessing travel safety in Armenia is crucial, especially if you plan to venture beyond the capital, Yerevan, where road conditions and local regulations can differ significantly. The humidity is low with average annual precipitation of 520 ml. This is quite comfortable as you will not encounter endless rains that would leave you confined to a hotel room. With its low level of precipitation and over 300 sunny days, it is a gift for tourists seeking to find the best time to visit Armenia and try different activities in nature. 


Armenia for every season and every type of preference

Winter in Armenia:

Snowy winters in Armenia start with the calendar, in December and last until the end of February. However,  the lofty mountains, reaching over 3000 meters, hold their snowy slopes till mid-May, delighting free-ride skiers. 

The winters in Yerevan are usually dry with temperatures ranging from +5  to -10. On the other hand, the regions located within an hour’s distance from Yerevan can be dreadfully cold dropping up to -20 degrees Celsius with a lot of snow. So if you want to experience snow in Armenia it’s best to check the weather inTsaghkadzor or Aparan, both two ski resorts located nearby. There are two mountain ski resorts in Armenia, Tsaghkadzor and the new Myler resort. 

Let’s explore the possibilities of enjoying winter in Armenia. There are lots of cool winter activities in Armenia, such as cross-country skiing, mountain skiing, free-ride skiing, snowboarding, and snowkiting. High-quality instructors are involved in winter tourism, so you can freely consider Armenia an active winter destination. Now, let’s focus on the winter activities in Yerevan. The winter in Armenia is associated with New Year, a famous public holiday in Armenia celebrated widely as one of the most important family holidays. Starting from 15 December, Yerevan streets are decorated with lights.  The Republic Square hosts a huge Christmas tree ornamented with festive decorations and public concerts are organized almost daily from December 31 to January 13. Christmas bazaars fill the city center spreading the festive atmosphere. You can bye handmade souvenirs, traditional Armenian dry fruits, and herbal teas there. Additionally, some boots sell Armenian traditional snacks and soups. If you are a glint-wine lover you will find it in Yerevan as well. 

Experience snow in Armenia:

The best time to visit Armenia for snow is from December to May, a wide window for diverse snow activities with varying difficulty levels. As mentioned above snowy winters in Armenia begin in December. This period attracts people who have never experienced snow before providing them with the opportunity to marvel at its beauty, experience the texture, and engage in some snowball fights. 

Mountain skiing & snowboarding in Armenia:

Starting in January, ski resorts typically offer a good amount of snow on their tracks for mountain skiing and snowboarding. If you want to experience these winter sports, you can choose between Tsaghkadzor and Myler based on the information provided below:

Tsaghkadzor holds 30 km of slopes, served by 3 ski lifts. The upper lifts are of Soviet origin, while the lower lift is changed. The skiing elevation ranges from 1970 to 2819. Tsakhkadzor offers a well-developed infrastructure with hotels, guesthouses, cafes, and restaurants allowing you to stay in the resort and save time on traveling from Yerevan.

Myler, on the other hand, is a newly opened ski resort. It offers a total of 92 km of tracks suitable for all ability levels. There are plans for 16 ski lifts, including a gondola, fast chairlifts, and quad chairs, but currently, only 1 is operational. The resort has plans to have a village of hotels but the construction is ongoing. So if you chose Myler, you will need to stay in Yerevan or another hotel nearby as the on-site accommodation are not available yet.

Freeride and Heli-skiing in Armenia

Freeride skiers are welcome from March to May when Aragats slopes are perfect for skiing. You can enjoy fresh snow and untracked paths, and heli-skiing is available for organized groups. So if you are an experienced freeride skier, March to May is the best time to visit Armenia for you.   

In conclusion, if you are an experienced free-rider, keen mountain skier, or just starting to ski and you are still wondering if Armenia is worth visiting Let me provide you with a simple fact to answer that question In recent years, The Alps have been using artificial snow due to climate changes, while snow in Armenia is entirely natural and excellent for skiing.  

Spring in Armenia:

All the seasons in Armenia have their unique beauty making each the best time to visit. So let’s explore the wonders of spring. t. Although March greets us with occasional rain and frost, the temperature gradually rises to a pleasant +10 to +15 degrees Celius. Yerevan, despite light snowfall, remains cozy and vibrant.  In April,  and especially in May, you can expect higher and more pleasant temperatures reaching up to +30. The sight of trees blooming in a mesmerizing array of colors is mindblowing. So for those who cherish nature’s beauty, spring is the best time to visit Armenia. 

Botanic tours in Armenia:

Spring is the perfect time for botanic tours in Armenia. The country boasts an impressive diversity of almost 3,200 plant species, with approximately 126 being endemics that grow exclusively in specific regions. Among these, you’ll find notable examples including the Armenian rowan, Susanklein’s hawthorn, Tamamshyan’s salsola, and more. Some of them are included in the first edition of the Red Data Book of Armenia. Many botanic tour lovers visit Armenia from May to June. 

Bird watching tours in Armenia:

Armenia lies across birds’ migration path, and in addition to that, the country is home to its own endemic and unique species. Around 350 species of birds are recorded in Armenia with 240 of them breeding in the country. May and June are the best time to travel to Armenia for bird watching.

Yerevan wine days:

For wine enthusiasts, Yerevan wine days is a must-attend event celebrating Armenia’s rich winemaking traditions stretching back over 6000 years to the Areni-1 cave complex. installations and artifacts of wine production dating back to around 4000 BC are revealed there. Today, Armenian wineries continuously improve producing exceptional wines worthy of tasting. Armenia hosts 2 main wine festivals: Yerevan Wine Days in May-June and Areni wine fest in October in Areni village. Yerevan Wine Days feature a couple of closed streets with winemakers and many restaurants showcasing their booths. An entrance ticket(30 euros) includes a fabric pocket h, a wine glass, and coupons to taste different wines. The festival spreads a lively atmosphere with popular Armenian musicians performing and international sommeliers conducting engaging master classes.

Easter in Armenia or Surb Zatik:

Easter date is changeable every year, as in all churches. It usually falls between the end of March to mid-April. All churches serve Saturday evening liturgy, followed by Sunday Holly Mass to celebrate The Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Easter is a family holiday traditional meals play a significant role. A rice sweet pilaf with dry fruits, raisins, and traditional Armenian thin bread lavash is served Additionally,  fish, red-colored boiled eggs, and lots of fresh and baked local greens are accompanied by red wine symbolizing Jesus’s blood. 

Summer in Armenia:

Summer is the hottest season in Armenia with temperatures in Yerevan ranging from 30 to 35 degrees Celsius in the daytime, while evenings are breezy and pleasant. It’s a relaxing time with young families strolling in parks and squares till midnight. Bars, pubs, open-air cafes, and vibrant jazz clubs are full of people enjoying their evenings. Armenia is home to sweet juicy fruits and tasty vegetables due to its quantity of sunny days. Summer is the best time to visit Armenia to taste delicious apricots or attend the Armenian film festival Golden Apricot, held in July during the apricot season. 


Yerevan Music Night


Yerevan Music Night, celebrated every year, is an open-air concert featuring renowned  Armenian musicians.  special international guest, whose name is kept a secret to surprise guests. Lots of bars set up their booths offering a variety of cocktails and other beverages. If you love enjoying open-air concerts with your favorite drink, welcome to Armenia in the summer! 




Vardavar is a religious holiday celebrated in July (14 weeks after Holy Easter). Sunday Mass is served in all churches of the country to commemorate the transfiguration of Jesus Christ. People of all ages participate in a fun tradition of playfully soaking each other in water. Everyone walking in the street can be involved in this feast and be watered from head to toe. If you’ve experienced the exhilaration of the Tomatina festival in Spain and loved it, then Vardavar in Armenia will surely captivate you, making the day of its celebration the best time to visit Armenia for you.


Activities outside of the city:


Summer offers a fantastic opportunity for hiking and camping in Armenia’s  3000+ mountains, where the snow typically melts in mid-July. You can enjoy the serene mountains with breathtakingly beautiful views, lakes, and forests by motorbike, mountain bike, 4WD car, or on foot. For an exhilarating experience, consider paragliding in Armenia, where you can fly tandem with an instructor and revel in the bird’s-eye view of nature’s beauty.


Water activities:


In recent years, many water activities have been introduced in Armenia. Lake Sevan, situated at an altitude of 1900 m above the sea, is the biggest lake in Armenia. If you are comfortable swimming in water with temperatures ranging from  18-21 degrees Celsius Lake Sevan will be the perfect destination for you, but make sure you have a good sun cream with 50+ SPF. Kayaking, paddle boarding, kiteboarding, diving, windsurfing, and motorboat riding are offered at the lake. River rafting is organized in the Lori region, you can find it in Armenia too, it is organized in the Lori region specifically on the river of Debed. So if you are an adventure lover the best time to visit Armenia is summer, as the range of water activities ensures you will never get bored here.

Autumn in Armenia:

When discussing the Armenian language, undoubtedly, Armenian dialects are the most essential part of Armenian culture.  There are several dialects in the Armenian language, that vary across different regions. But the two main dialects are Eastern Armenian and Western Armenian. In the Republic of Armenia, the official language is Eastern Armenian. While the Armenian diaspora mostly uses Western Armenian. So, for some foreigners, there are some letters they find hard to pronounce, and the most common phrase that foreigners want to know is how to say thank you in Armenian. “Thank You” in Armenian will be «Շնորհակալություն» (Shnorhakalutyun), and as it has complicated pronunciation, it can be challenging. In everyday life, Armenians mostly use the phrase “Mersi” and “Apres” The word “Mersi” comes from the French language. And the word «Ապրես» (Apres) means “live long”  Like the term “Dear” in English, Armenians are also fond of adding pleasant words and phrases while referring to someone. The term «ցավդ տանեմ» (cavd tanem) means “May I take your pain with me” This phrase highlights the warmth, compassion, and emotional connection that Armenians often express toward others. 

Public Holidays and festivals in Armenia in autumn.

On September 21st,   Armenia celebrates Independence Day with many concerts organized in Yerevan.  the main one takes place in Republic Square followed by a breathtaking firework. The first weekend of October marks Yerevan’s birthday with concerts, fireworks, and the Air Baloon festival. Dozens of Air Balloons fly over the city and it is possible to get a ride in one of them. 

Areni Wine Festival is held annually in Areni village making it a much-anticipated event for wine lovers The name “Areni” comes from the local endemic grape, after which village and lots of wines are named. All wineries participate in the festival with their booths, while locals from Areni and nearby villages showcase their homemade wines, dry fruits, cheeses, and different meals.  Attendances can participate in the Armenian national dance classes, listen to music, chat with locals, savor wines, and enjoy the festive atmosphere. 

In conclusion

Armenia is a country that experiences all four seasons. It offers numerous adventures to travelers, beautiful nature, tasty cuisine, cheerful festivals, an authentic atmosphere, and international-class cultural events. A very important thing that has never been mentioned above is Armenian hospitality. You will always find open and friendly people, eager to help in some way: answer any questions, show directions to the place you want to reach. It can be added that spontaneous invitations to homes, serving a table of coffee, sweets, or whatever people have at a particular moment, especially in rural areas are getting the most memorable experience for travelers. Hence,  depending on preferences, you can find the best time to travel to Armenia, knowing you will be treated like the closest friend and feel at home. Check our tours to discover experiences close to you. 

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